LearningSpace Recording – Extended to Ad-hoc Simulation Center

LearningSpace Recording – Extended to Ad-hoc Simulation Center
LearningSpace Enterprise is a key simulation management tool that allows users to connect and manage simulation centers.  In some situations, a version of the LearningSpace system designed specifically for portable and mobile usage known as the LearningSpace One provides users with the necessary tools for simulation management and recording outside enterprise simulation training centers . With the adaptive nature of the LearningSpace system it becomes easy to understand how the tools can be mixed to find the best solutions.  In this article I describe how we have been able to extend the reach of LearningSpace even further to meet the advanced needs for simulation training.
With the growing demand of faculty created courses with simulation needs and the desire to bring the content to other hospitals and universities, we found the need to implement hybrid simulation solutions that integrate with LearningSpace.  This effort extended the LearningSpace system outside the brick and mortar location of our typical health care campus.
In one instance, we integrated LearningSpace with web conferencing tools allowing users to extend the usefulness of LearningSpace. This solution allows faculty to continue to provide value added services to simulation education. This solution is not recommended for all users but can solve some problems that might limit simulation experiences for centers that need to reach audiences that are remote and don’t have typical simulation center facilities.
This solution might be for you if:
1. The training location has no capabilities for video capture and data collection.
2. Video and debrief are valuable to the learning process.
3. Data collection from Standardized Patients or Faculty is useful for the learning process.
Considered Limitations:
Internet Bandwidth
Remote Site technical knowledge
A training session required faculty to fly to remote location for training course that typically utilized that advanced recording and debrief tools available in LearningSpace. The solution needed to be light weight and easy to setup. The solution would not include a technician but the physicians presenting the training material for health literacy.
We added the video conferencing solution as the camera source and most of the remaining solution was very similar to a typical event setup at the simulation center. The LearningSpace system was used for scheduling, recording, annotation and review of the remote simulation training exercise.
This same method can be used for honing video conferencing skills for all leave health care workers. The above method describes how it is easy to integrate the live conferencing content into the LearningSpace recording system. This can help educators coach learners on video conference edict.
skype-835470_1920You can inverse this training method and schedule the standardized patients at the main simulation center and provide video conferencing to the remote locations to practice history taking or (JIT) just-in-time training. It feels like we are just scratching the surface of the connections and relationships that can be built and evaluated through these types of technologies.
The LearningSpace team has created a flexible and capable capture architecture that allows for advanced simulation experiences. This reliable but yet adaptable system has made it easier to enhance the education experience for many learners.


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