LearningSpace Mac Video Playback

LearningSpace Mac Video Playback

If you are using a Mac OS X computer and the LearningSpace video playback is not working, the Quicktime browser plug-ins may be disabled.

Here is a workaround for Mac OS X users with Quicktime player currently disabled.

1. Please click on Finder
2. On the top menu, please select “Go to Folder” from the Go menu (shift + cmd + G)
3. Type in: /Library/
4. Search the “Internet Plug-Ins” folder here, and enter
5. Enter the “Disabled Plug-Ins” folder
6. You will see two files here:

QuickTime Plugin.plugin

7. Please copy the above two files to the Internet Plug-Ins” folder (one above)
8. You will need to authenticate your action – please provide the Admin user name and password of the Mac you are working on.
9. Restart Safari.

Internet browser plugins have become a disappointment for modern web browsing and we are very excited when we can start to utilized the same quality of tools with HTML 5 and no plugin requirements in LearningSpace soon.


Client Tester:
Click on the following link to view your browser configuration.
https://learningspace.umh.edu/client_test (Opens new window)



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