LearningSpace – Mizzou – Getting Started for Learners

LearningSpace – Mizzou – Getting Started for Learners

The University of Missouri System utilizes the LearningSpace simulation management system.

LearningSpace provides a central location to review simulation reports including standardized patient feedback, faculty feedback, peer feedback as well as the reviewing of video recorded simulation experiences. The tool provides simulation scheduling, data entry and simulation management features for today’s advanced simulation centers.

How to access: 
  1. First check the workstation and browser compatibility
  2. Login into LearningSpace
    1. LearningSpace login for University of Missouri System User Accounts:
    2. LearningSpace login for Non-University of Missouri System Accounts
LearningSpace Dashboard:
After logging into LearningSpace you will first view the LearningSpace main dashboard page (pictured below).


dashboard LS main home SP user


The Dashboard shows your current and upcoming events for data entry, reports and upcoming schedules. From here most users start by reviewing simulation recordings and standardized patient feedback.  Getting Started with Reports and Video Review




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