LearningSpace January 2016 Browser Compatibility

LearningSpace January 2016 Browser Compatibility

We have outlined the best methods to configure your workstation to review LearningSpace content as of January 2016.

Firefox IE icons

Windows Users:
Windows 7 using Firefox 43+ with QuickTime plugin
Windows 7 using Internet Explorer 11/10 with QuickTime plugin

Client Test and Download QuickTime


Mac Users: safariicon
Mac OS X 10.11 using Safari with Quicktime plugin

Client Test and Download QuickTime


Not Supported:
Windows 10
Chrome Mac or Windows

Cookies are required for University of Missouri users (Enable cookies)


Other support resources:

Troubleshooting video playback for LearningSpace
How to configure Quicktime 7.7.9 on Windows.
Mac OS 10.11 Quicktime solution
Chrome no longer supported due to lack of NPAPI



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